Nothing Less

Nothing Less

This soft rock ensemble aims to inspire and help you trust again. Step out with courage, hope, determination and an absolute trust in God.

Put your weights down

put your weights down

Described as a soulful force to follow (A & R Factory), Remilekun has released a new scintillating single titled "Put Your Weights Down". 

First rendered and grooved with a live audience at the RISE Concert held in the United Kingdom, #PutYourWeightsDown is a blend of genres that stir you up to rejoice and dance. So Put those weights down and RISE. This is electric!




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Following a hugely successful live recording concert, Remilekun releases her debut album wrapped in delightful genres. From track to track, the RISE album is filled with joyful melodies and meaningful lyrics that are soul lifting and liberating.

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From one generation to another, we learn about Him but far beyond what we learn, we experience an irreplaceable God who alone is truly "Worthy".


You are Great

In a time when a breakthrough is desperately needed, "You Are Great" is an assuring sound, reassuring us that God  makes a way where there seems to be no way. Is there anything too difficult for me? God asks.
Following releases such as "Rising High", "Revelations", "Yin O" and "Mama's Song", Remilekun presents "You Are Great" employing the same meaningful lyrics that have captivated the attention of fans, making her renditions unique.
Accompanied with the typical great sound and stunning vocals, Remilekun continues to demonstrate how her sound encompasses many genres, reaching a broad and diverse audience. Using spirit lifting and talented worship renditions, Remilekun's focus is to bring hope, inspire, encourage and take you to higher levels.
"You Are Great" is a classic praise song. Hope it blesses you.


Mama's Song

YÌN Ọ́ Praise Medley

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Remilekun sets the tone for year 2021 with the release of Revelations

Her new single defines true worship and speaks about the heart beat of God. Wholly from the bible's last chapter; Revelation 15: 3b & 4, the song "Revelations" is certain to transport you via worship to the throne room of the Most High God. All nations shall come and worship before Him.

Beautiful, powerful message”
Anointed singing”

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Rising High

UK Based Artist, Remilekun Announces a Debut Song

Rising high was birthed during one of the most difficult times in my life. Such events can often be overwhelming accompanied with feelings of hopelessness and pessimism about the future. The song draws upon the inspiration and boldness I received to face life’s obstacles with courage. It is sure to inspire and help you move forward, especially in these uncertain times. It is a call to forge ahead, with the Spirit of God giving you the courage to rise again.

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Remilekun was recognised as a talented singer at a very tender age, known for singing covers from Indian blockbuster movies and hymns at daily family prayers. She naturally evolved into leading Christmas carols, plays, cultural songs and dances at primary school events. She excelled in these activities and became an established lead. She continued leading major events when she began secondary school, leading the presentation to the King of Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria.  While at secondary school, she performed in school music concerts and recorded a group choir album.  

Remilekun has led choirs of different sizes and flavours and has always participated in a choir wherever she has lived. At University while studying Chemical Engineering, she was a two-tenure lead of the praise team for the most populous Christian fellowship on campus and the Choir Leader for the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), leading a group of ninety members which increased to about two hundred within that tenure. As a result of her positive impact via the choir's music renditions, many students were inspired to join the choir. She won campus awards as the Most Valuable Soloist (female), Best Praise Worship Leader (female)  and Best Choir on Campus for her team. Remilekun institutionalised music concerts whenever she had the opportunity to lead. She inspired and influenced her university choir to organise a live recorded concert in the year 2000. 

She went on to lead several choirs in her home church in Nigeria and in London. Remilekun was privileged to mobilise and lead a community choir in Kent, England and was also a Worship Leader in a music and drama group; “The Ancient Landmark”, renown for creating original plays and song writing. She founded a much beloved teen choir in London, providing mentorship and support to aspiring musicians. She organised several worship concerts that influenced the music department and were major sources of inspiration. She is currently a worship leader in her home church in the UK.

The fifth of seven children, Remilekun was raised by a single mother, who taught her how to deal with life’s ordeal creatively and courageously. This was a tough experience, through which she learnt perseverance, resilience, contentment and to rise in the face of storms. One phrase resonates with the teams Remilekun has led…. “We have done the things we never knew we could do”. 

Her debut release, Rising High, reveals this message. Her songs are a blend of gospel and inspirational music that transcend a specific category of genre, with flavours from diverse traditions. She is the founder of Remilekun Hope Foundation, a charity organisation with a vision to support the less privileged with priorities for girls, children and vulnerable women.


One of our greatest gifts to life is sacrifice. We've come this far because of it. To live is to give. Give your best to life. ” - Remilekun Oluwabamise
Powerful and Timely!”

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