Inspiring you to change your world and reach your dreams” - Remilekun


Nothing Less

This soft rock ensemble aims to inspire and help you trust again. Step out with courage, hope, determination and an absolute trust in God.

put your weights down

Described as a soulful force to follow (A & R Factory), Remilekun has released a new scintillating single titled "Put Your Weights Down". 

First rendered and grooved with a live audience at the RISE Concert held in the United Kingdom, #PutYourWeightsDown is a lovely blend of genres that stir you up to rejoice and dance. So Put those weights down and RISE. This is electric!

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From one generation to another, we learn about Him but far beyond what we learn, we experience an irreplaceable God who alone is truly "Worthy".


What was meant for evil will be turned around for good if you believe. Believe it in your heart and declare it with your mouth. Your voice is more powerful than any other voice over your life. Live!

You Are Great

In a time when a breakthrough is desperately needed, "You Are Great" is an assuring sound, reassuring us that God  makes a way where there seems to be no way. Is there anything too difficult for me? God asks.
Following releases such as "Rising High", "Revelations", "Yin O" and "Mama's Song", Remilekun presents "You Are Great" employing the same meaningful lyrics fans have stated and loved, making her renditions unique.
Accompanied with the typical great sound and stunning vocals, Remilekun continues to demonstrate how her sound encompasses many genres, reaching a broad and diverse audience. Using spirit lifting and talented worship renditions, Remilekun's focus is to bring hope, inspire, encourage and take you to higher levels.
"You Are Great" is a classic praise song. Hope it blesses you.

Mama's Song

Let's Make It a Gift To Mama

Dedicated to my loving mother and to all mothers, fathers who stood as mums, everyone all over the world who raise the nations and generations with untold courage, perseverance, ceaseless sacrifice and great love. This is to thank you for all you do.



During the Covid-19 pandemic lock down and even now as it is being eased, many people have experienced loss, anxiety, depression and mental struggles.

This is a medley of thanksgiving songs expressing gratitude to God for His divine intervention and breakthrough when faced with life's trials. The visuals have been carefully designed for diversity and inclusion showcasing that these trials are common to all regardless of race or gender and God remains lovingly the same irrespective of who we are. Hope it gives you a reason to dance, rejoice and take those positive steps forward.


Remilekun Sets the tone for the year with the Release of another single, "Revelations"

On one of the many midnights when I chose to have my quiet time to pray and study the bible, God insisted on ignoring my plans and chose to bless the world with this song wholly from Revelations 15: 3b and 4, verses from the chapter that I was studying that midnight. Little did I know that He was preparing this song for such a time as this where there is so much uncertainty.

While "Revelations" was being produced and each time it was being worked on through the mixing, mastering and filming, we experienced the depth of the song as it took us again and again to the Holy of Holies.  One truth remains.. All Nations will come to Him.

"Revelations" is certain to take you via true worship to the throne room of The Most High God. Be blessed.


Rising High


Rising high was birthed during one of the most difficult times in my life. Such events can often be overwhelming accompanied with feelings of hopelessness and pessimism about the future. The song draws upon the inspiration and boldness I received to face life’s obstacles with courage. It is sure to inspire and help you move forward, especially in these uncertain times. It is a call to forge ahead, with the Spirit of God giving you the courage to rise again.